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The Past 15 Years, And Tomorrow

By: John L. McLaine

Little did we imagine that from the humble beginnings of Benefits and Pensions Monitor in December 1991 that it would, 15 years later, become one of the most recognized industry information sources for senior management in Canada.

Getting to where we are today was a group effort starting with those individuals who volunteered to serve on our editorial advisory board. This select group of ʻindustry insidersʼ has, from the start, provided inspiration and stimulus that has encouraged the right mix of editorial content in each issue.

Of course, we canʼt let this occasion pass without acknowledging our readers. They are the ʻreason for beingʼ of any publication. Weʼre rewarded every time we meet a plan sponsor and they tell us that they not only read the magazine, but look forward to receiving it.

To mark our 15th anniversary, we were pleased to welcome 115 industry friends of the magazine to join us for an evening of conversation and refreshments at the Dominion Club in Toronto in November. The gathering reminded us of the support we have received from key industry figures.

Of course, the success of any business publication is largely dependent on the support of advertisers. MONITOR has been fortunate that it can point to an impressive list of industry cornerstones who have been using the magazine to brand their products almost from Day One.

By any measure of success, 15 years is a significant period of time. To mark that milestone, in the pages which follow, you will find our 15th Anniversary Review & Forecast. We asked long-time friends of the magazine to share their thoughts on the most significant events or trends of the past 15 years. The topics they cover include Defined Benefit pension plans, Defined Contribution pension plans, and the growing interest in healthcare in the workplace.

Celebrating 15 years also means we are now into our 16th year and we are investigating more ways to keep MONITOR your Number One source for information on this industry in Canada. Keep in mind as well that Benefits and Pensions Monitor is proudly Canadian in a country where foreign magazines try to dominate our culture.

Going forward, we see a bright future.

past 15 years

To start, our magazine will continue to be presented in a colourful, well-written, and completely portable package that can be read in the office, at home, or on the subway.

There is still something more authoritative and comforting about the printed word, in spite of the proliferation of computers. Evidence of this is MONITORʼs dramatic growth during the same period that computers were becoming a fixture at every work station and in every home. Thatʼs due to this industryʼs thirst for information, a thirst MONITOR has satisfied since the day it started.

We know that readers will continue to rely on the magazine to present them with the most current topics and informed opinions. It is a place where readers can see expert forecasts based on the realities of today.

However, we've taken advantage of technology to deliver, in between our issues, MONITORʼs exclusive News Alerts. For the last five years, we've sent emails with the latest industry news headlines to readers and we are constantly amazed by the number of people who tells us they look forward to reading them each day.

More recently, we've added Archive Disks of the Year. This unique industry research tool gives subscribers all of the content of MONITOR, preserved for the future in digital format.

In the new year, you'll see some changes to MONITORʼs design. As well, our website people have some exciting developments underway to provide more opportunities for our readers to interact with their colleagues.

As we've shown in the past, great ideas can translate into actions with a little help from your friends. Thanks to you for making us what we are today!

John L. McLaine is publisher and editorial director of Benefits and Pensions Monitor.

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