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Sun Life Launches Customized Retirement Campaign

senior woman paintingSun Life Financial has launched its ‘Money for Life’ campaign targeting individual Canadians to help them shape their own retirement. The program, in its fourth year, intends to debunk traditional retirement myths and help Canadians decide and plan for their own personal life goals.

“Money for Life is our customized approach to financial and retirement planning,” says Bill Ramsammy, assistant vice-president, corporate brand and marketing at Sun Life Financial. “It allows you to work with an advisor from Sun Life to get the right mix of life, health, and wealth solutions.”

He says the campaign hopes to break the inertia he sees in Canadians when it comes to financial and retirement planning. “A lot of people don’t know where to start,” says Ramsammy. “It starts with a conversation. We like to say it’s a very simple process to talk with an advisor to get help to follow their passion in retirement.

“Canadians are stuck and the campaign is about starting that conversation. Money For Life puts the message out there that no matter what life stage you’re at, no matter what age you’re at, no matter what income or savings you have, a conversation with an advisor from Sun Life can help you out of that inertia and help you plan your future.”

Challenge Stereotypes

The campaign, which consists of television commercials, and digital and social media communications, will challenge the retirement stereotypes of Muskoka chairs and sailing and help Canadians figure out their personal passions and needs and plan for them. “People want to feel empowered and follow their passion,” says Ramsammy. “They want to do things with their families and friends, with the community, and with the arts and philanthropy rather than these grand images that financial institutions are putting out there as the ideal retirement.

“It’s about life and lifestyle and really looking at where Canadians are now and where they want to be in their retirement.” Advisors will take into consideration budgets, mortgages, children’s education, “it’s a full needs analysis and looking at life stages.”

Simple Program

Ramsammy says it’s a simple program based on an annuity or guarantee with a simple process to get started. Participants are matched up with an advisor through Sun Life’s online ‘Advisor Match’ program. The advisor will do a needs analysis and look at current status versus where someone wants to be in retirement. They will set up the customer with an asset allocation that will provide a guaranteed retirement income based on the results. The Money for Life plan includes a mix of investment and insurance products so the customer can live comfortably now and in retirement. The products can help customers build savings, protect their family with life and health insurance, and get ready to retire.

 “We see Canadians resonating with the message of a guarantee in retirement and that is a key factor to what the Money for Life program is about.”

The past campaigns have provided some good results for Sun Life. Ramsammy says the Money for Life campaign has added a significant increase in brand awareness and in quality leads to the company’s advisors. Customers have shown confidence in the program with 55 per cent of those polled recalling the campaign as a “secured retirement” message.

Money for Life is an ongoing approach and campaign for Sun Life. For more information, visit

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