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Welcome to the Advertiser Section of the Benefits and Pensions Monitor website.  We hope you'll find the information you need here to help you make informed decisions on what is important in the purchase of advertising space in our magazine, on this website or by sponsoring our industry events.  If you have any questions or need more information on the magazine or the markets we serve, don't hesitate to contact us at 416-494-1066 or email our Business Development Manager

If you're not an every issue advertiser in Benefits and Pensions Monitor it is worthwhile for you to find out what our advertisers already know -- MONITOR works.  No further proof is needed than our track record - we have been publishing this magazine since its start date in 1991 and 2017 is our 25th year.

Business-to-Business communications is our business – our only business.  Benefits and Pensions Monitor succeeds only if our advertisers succeed.  Each issue is archived and readily available online without cost in an interactive format for computers, tablets, and smart phones...expanding your promotional reach into the digital world. 
We hope you enjoy the content of this section intended only for the providers to this wonderful industry we have served since our beginning.



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Executive Reading Benefist & Pensions Monitor

Readers read in isolation.

You can only read one publication at a time, and usually from cover to cover, one page at a time.  It is the content and the way it's presented that makes a reader spend time with with Benefits and Pensions Monitor, the Readex Research in February 2015 found the average time a reader spends reading an issue of MONITOR is 52 minutes!  30% Spend 1 hour or more! So if your message isn't there, you are leaving that issue to the exclusive use of your competitors.

Benefits and Pensions Monitor is available in a variety of formats

Benefits and Pensions Monitor is all business – from cover to cover and desktop to tablet or smart phone.  Unlike consumer media, the editorial environment of MONITOR focuses in on a specific business audience - the administrators and managers of employee benefits and pension plans in Canada.

In each issue and on our website, both editorial and advertising content provide the 'total information package' our readers want.  Our editorial content makes our readers predisposed to seek out and pay attention to the advertising placed in our media.


Benefits and Pensions Monitor magazine was created in 1991 by our President D. Brian McKerchar and John L. McLaine to serve Canada's Plan Sponsors in the areas of pension fund investment and employee benefits management.  Brian's experiences in this field date back to 1976 when they created Canada's first benefits magazine to serve Canadian readers unable to get the information they need from foreign publications.  Our Executive Editor, Joe Hornyak, has headed up MONITOR's editorial package since 1997 and is a recognized industry authority who also moderates many of our events.


Industry Associations

ACPM Logo CPBI Logo<

Differences in editorial content as well as outstanding market coverage are the keys to our magazine’s success.  To help us craft the magazine as a continuing source of industry information, Benefits and Pensions Monitor is closely involved with industry associations.  It is an annual sponsor of the Association of Canadian Pension Management (ACPM) - and the national Canadian Pension & Benefits Institute (CPBI) conference as well as various regional CPBI conferences, the Association of Investment Management Sales Executives Canadian conference (AIMSE), and more.

"We would like to extend our appreciation to Joe Hornyak, Executive Editor of Benefits and Pensions Monitor (BPM) magazine, who attended the conference for his 5th consecutive year.  Once again, Joe wrote and published highlights about our conference.  The recognition and participation that our event receives each year is due in part to the fantastic coverage that Joe provides in this distinguished national publication." -- CPBI Saskatchewan 2015 Summer Newsletter.

In their 2013 book, on page 70 of "The Real Retirement", Fred Vettese and Bill Morneau, of Morneau Shepell, referred to our publication: "As reported in Benefits and Pensions Monitor, a survey by the Netherlands insurer Aegon shows that a growing number of workers have accepted that their retirement will likely be a phased process.  It found that, in the U.S. and Europe, more than 60 per cent of respondents anticipate needing part-time jobs after retiring.  Only 18 per cent said they planned to stop working immediately after reaching retirement age."


Editorial Advisory Board


Industry experts serve on our Editorial Advisory Board which meets quarterly in person.  Their names are proudly listed on the masthead of each issue of Benefits and Pensions Monitor and it is an honour and a privilege to work with them.  Since 1997, the moderator of the Editorial Advisory Board is MONITOR's Executive Editor, Joe Hornyak.

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Online Digital Media

BPM Homepage

Benefits and Pensions Monitor was early into the 'new media'.  We believe that online digital media supports our print magazine and advertisers, but in very different ways.  Our package of Daily News Alerts, archived and Interactive digital Issues, industry research papers and ever-changing articles make our website an extension of the print magazine, and between issues our website is fully available 24/7 for anyone interested in the Canadian industry we have served so long. 

Benefits and Pensions Monitor has several 'firsts' in support of digital media: The first industry magazine to have an industry website, the first to archive issues in digital format, the first to provide the wildly popular and exclusive Daily News Alerts, the first with mobile iPad and smart phone formats, and the first to produce interactive digital issues with 'live' ads where a viewer just clicks your ad to go to the your website, or clicks on an email address in the ad to send an instant message to you.  Try it and see how easy it works. 

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Digital or Print?

Benefits and Pensions Monitor has been available in both digital and print formats for years.  Many people were too quick to suggest the demise of print magazines and that the internet would soon take over.  Some print magazines unwisely decided to make a full jump into digital to save mailing and print production costs only to find out it was too far, too fast, and many came back to print.  Some digital magazines have now started print magazines. 


BPM Mail Promotion


Canada Post accelerated the process to digital communications with increased postal rates to the point where your office and home mail is a lot less than in the past.  Today's mail is bills, pizza and real estate promotion and not much else...unless your favourite magazines arrive.  The quality of today's mail means that magazines stand out more and have gained readership as a result.

The reality is that printed magazines are the most accessible, easiest way to gather information - you can read a magazine anytime, anywhere.  This explains why the average reader of MONITOR spends some 52 minutes reading it, and 30% spend more than an hour.  Few readers would do that online with any digital magazine as the internet is for a fast read and instant data searches, not to sit back and read in your comfy chair, while waiting for your flight to leave on a business trip, or on weekends getting a suntan by the pool. 

(Item: Italic text following is borrowed with thanks from John McWade's "Why I still love paper")

"Online, and even on a tablet, is a different experience.  There's a light in your face.  There's an urgency.  It has no closure.  There's always another click, an eternal, forever, world-without-end-amen stream of data rushing, flowing, pounding, demanding, agitating." 

"Paper gets you away from that.  Paper edits for you."  It has a date and you know if it's current.  "When we read a paper magazine, or book, it gives us the space to think, reflect, pause, return, re-read, and so on until what's on the page has morphed from an idea to something deeper.  The essential ways in which paper is truly superior, these are here to stay."



Independent Readership Research

Map of Canada

Benefits and Pension Monitor's success in reaching its target audiences has been substantiated by a number of independent readership and advertising recognition surveys we have carried out over the years.  Past Ad-Q readership studies by Harvey Research Inc., StarchResearch Inc, and Readex Research have shown that Benefits and Pensions Monitor leads the field.  The results of these studies were confirmed by a Readex Research study published in September 2015 that showed the following: 

It is our view that all magazine readership research should be dated and sourced by an independent and qualified research firm to be valid.


Map of Canada

Canada’s Primary Market

According to the August 20, 2015 report from Statistics Canada, there are 17,757 Registered Pension Plans (RPPs) in Canada, serving a total of 6,185,159 members.  10,414 of those plans are Defined Benefit Plans (DB) with 4,401,970 members.  There are 6,511 Defined Contribution Plans (DC) serving 1,036,747 members.  There is more information of interest on this PDF copy of the statistics.  

StatsCan RPPs 2014

Benefits and Pensions Monitor has an audited circulation of 23,110 (Dec/2015 circulation statement) to reach out to these 17,757 RPP sponsors.  Our closest competitor has an average circulation of just 13,994 (Dec/2015 circulation statement) obviously delivering less than the number of RPPs.  If market reach is important to you, Benefits and Pensions Monitor is your best route with more circulation than the number of Canada's RPPs.

Company Employee Sizes: In Canada, a ‘small business’ is generally considered one with less than 100 employees.  Statistics Canada's most recent report (December 2012) on the number of Business Locations by Sector and Firm Size (Number of Employees) shows us there are 1,107,540 employer businesses in Canada.  Just 1.7% of them (19,737) have 100 or more employees!  Most marketers consider the 100+ employee group as the "Primary Market".  Benefits and Pensions Monitor's total circulation is more than this total, while the competitive media's is not.

StatsCan Company Sizes December 2012

The significant advantages of Controlled Circulation
for Market Coverage

Giving further weight to our readership surveys is the fact we know the people receiving Benefits and Pensions Monitor are those you should want to reach with your advertising dollars.  We do this through 'controlled' circulation.  A publication with a controlled circulation means the publisher concentrates the circulation on proper market coverage for the advertisers to reach, and as the market grows so does the circulation.  In order to receive Benefits and Pensions Monitor, each person has to meet our rigid circulation BPA/CCAB audit requirements, for the protection of advertisers.  Without a controlled circulation policy, your ad dollars may not get the market coverage you need and expect.

Here's a good comparison of market coverageBenefits and Pensions Monitor has a controlled circulation.  Our circulation experts control where the magazine is mailed, and to whom.  Since the year 2000, following market growth, MONITOR's circulation has grown from mailing 17,474 copies each issue to 23,110 by the December 2014 circulation statement.  In comparison, over the same period, our competitor's circulation has gone down from 17,252 to just 13,968 in a market that has shown significant growth since 2000.  Were you aware of these differences?

Plan Sponsors


The primary focus for the circulation development of Benefits and Pensions Monitor is Plan Sponsors, penetrating Canadian companies from the HR/Benefits people right up to Top and Financial Management.  These are the people who make decisions on their company's employee benefit plans and employee pension fund investments. We constantly update our circulation to make sure the magazine is going to real people with real titles in real companies...and these numbers are audited annually by the largest circulation audit board in the world, BPA Worldwide.  MONITOR is the only Industry Magazine in Canada to pass their audit requirements.

Our circulation concentration is with the plan sponsor companies that have 100+ employees, which many industry professionals consider as Canada’s Primary Market for employee benefit plans and pension fund investment.  StatsCan says there are 19,737 companies in this size category (Dec/2012)...and MONITOR circulation to this size of company is 20,092 (Dec/2014).  Our closest competitor has only 10,737 copies to the 100+ employee sized companies.

December 2015 BPA/CCAB Circulation Statement

Secondary Market

Benefits and Pensions Monitor events


In addition to Plan Sponsors, Benefits and Pensions Monitor also provides an access point to Canada’s key consultants across the country. These consultants work closely with plan sponsors to design benefit plans and retirement savings programs at employers in our primary markets. Using the pages of MONITOR and its website ensures your firm and its products and services are front of mind as these consultants work with their plan sponsor clients.

Industry Events


Benefits and Pensions Monitor events

Benefits and Pensions Monitor industry events are essential to most marketers for the simple fact no other medium enables you to develop new business, strengthen existing relationships, and position your firm as a thought-leader than face-to-face interactions at these special industry events.  Most of our events are half-days starting at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast with sessions from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m., followed by time for networking.  Attendees like this format as it allows them to go to their offices right after the session.

Our events offer numerous opportunities for brand exposure before, during, and after each meeting.  While each differs in terms of the audience it is designed to attract, the emphasis on audience balance allows for optimal networking exposure for our sponsors and attendees.

4 events were held in 2015: Decumulation was in June 2015; Alternative Investments was in September; ESG - Are You Ready was in October; and De-Risking Longevity was in November.

8 events in 2016: Finding Alternatives in Alternatives was in January 2016; Maximizing Benefits For Lower Cost was in February; Real Estate was in March; Currency Concerns was in May; Target Date Funds was in June; Global Fixed Income in September; The Outsourced CIO in October; ESG Update in November; and the Full-Day Benefits Conference in November.

8 Events coming in 2017:  Our Event Content Advisory Board members are working with our editors in planning our 2017 Special Industry Events.  Please contact your advertising representative for current up-to-date information and the availability for sponsorship opportunities at 416-494-1066, or our Meeting Planners (Kristyn at 705-252-5074 or Evelyn at 905-415-0449).

Packaged Promotional Opportunities




Benefits and Pensions Monitor offers providers a strong variety of specialized industry media to reach their markets with Print, Digital, and Events.  Our first six months of 2016 showed a 21.8% increase in revenue over our previous fiscal year!  We must be doing something right.

As a provider to this industry, you can work with our publishing, digital, and events management to help you build your business.  For 25 years now, this print magazine reaches a well established controlled and audited circulation that no other publication delivers.  Our digital audience is reached 24/7 through our website, archived interactive issues, special digital ad banners, whitepapers, eblasts, videos and more.  Sponsors at our events are recognized as industry leaders capable of educating our readers and followers.  After each event our editors write a 3-page event summary for a following issue that reaches the entire print and digital audiences.  Join us.  Let us show you what we can do for your business.

Benefits and Pensions Monitor is printed on recycled paper.


Paper recycling has long been a success story in terms of recovery, and one that continues to improve.  Paper is the most commonly recycled material and 64.6 per cent was recovered in 2012.  The EPA has found that recycling causes 35 per cent less water pollution and 74 per cent less air pollution than making virgin paper.  In general, paper can be recycled up to seven times before it must be discarded.  Two-thirds of packaging material recovered for recycling is paper, more than the combined total of glass, metal and plastic.  100 per cent of the electricity used to manufacture this paper for Benefits and Pensions Monitor is Green-e certified renewable energy, and it is printed with vegetable-based inks that have a minimum 65 per cent bio-based renewable content.

Map of Canada

Our slogan, “Making a Difference…” is just as meaningful today as it was back in 1991 when we started.  Please contact us anytime, by phone, email or letter, for more information on the market we serve and the advantages Benefits and Pensions Monitor can make in your marketing to this market in Canada.



Qualified Circulation, Audited Annually


Total Circulation Comparison


    By position:
  • 59.3% General & Corporate Management
  • 19.8% Financial Management
  • 16.0% Personnel
  • 2.0% Administration
  • 2.6% Others and by company name
    Company size - number of employees:
  • 6,256 - 1000+ employees
  • 3,212 - 500-999 employees
  • 4,866 - 200-499 employees
  • 5,872 - 100-199 employees
  • 1,216 - under 100 employees

Plan SponsorPrimary Market CoverageTop managementHuman ResourcesFinancial Management

5 Year Circulation history Chart

Statistics for the charts above are taken right from the published December 2014 circulation statements for Benefits and Pensions Monitor (BPM) and Benefits Canada (BC).

Independent research with readers of Benefits and Pensions Monitor.

  • 81% keep copies for future reference. 
  • Picked up by readers average of 2.4 times
  • Total readership of 6.7 readers per copy - reaching 150,000+ people with each issue
  • 57% of our readers don't read our closest competitor.