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Published By: T. Rowe Price, July 2016

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Key global industries are being disrupted by technological innovation, changing consumer preferences, and political or regulatory initiatives. These changes may produce extreme performance gains for winners. David Eiswert, CFA, portfolio manager of T. Rowe Price’s Global Focused Growth Equity Strategy, shares his insights on how a portfolio structure that allows investors to compare opportunities across geographic regions can leverage fundamental stock-picking skill.

Reshaping the Canadian Retirement System

Published By: Russell Invesment, February 2016

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Economic conditions, longevity and other risks related to defined benefit (DB) pension arrangements have left many questioning the traditional DB model.  Defined contribution (DC) arrangements have seen growth but they too have flaws.  As a response, many jurisdictions in Canada are considering new pension structures.  Discussed in part 1 – Motivation for change and, in part 2, Investing strategically.



Published By: Novo Nordisk November 2015

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Progressive approaches to support chronic weight management
Imagine being able to reduce or prevent benefits costs associated with some common chronic conditions. How? By changing the ways private health plans think about and respond to obesity.
Novo Nordisk Canada gathered together key industry opinion leaders for insights on progressive ways to address obesity as a chronic disease, both in plan design and wellness programming. Read more about how the industry can open the door to healthier, more productive employees.

Apple was a middle market company once

Published By: UNIGESTION October 2015

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Capturing the growth potential of the mid-market private equity universe.

How to invest in Emerging Market Debt

Published by: HSBC Global Asset Management

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The growth of Emerging Market Debt (EMD) comes with considerable complexity. Here we analyze and evaluate the factors driving EMD returns and discuss how to build efficient, well-diversified portfolios within this multi-dimensional asset class.

How to Manage Tracking Error with Greater Certainty

Published by: Hillsdale Investement Management Inc.

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In the Canadian equity manager universe, there is no evidence that tracking error risk is proactively managed. This is especially surprising given that tracking error is an important measure of active investment management risk as it provides investors with a tool to estimate the expected variability of their manager’s value added. This paper examines two different techniques a Canadian equity manager can employ to manage tracking error risk.

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